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      Germination test methods of insecticide-treated seeds [1]
      Golozrni ječam - značaj i upotreba u ljudskoj ishrani [1]
      Grain characteristics and composition of maize specialty hybrids [1]
      Grain chemical composition of dents, popping maize and sweet maize genotypes [1]
      Grain filling of maize in the function of crop density and genotype [1]
      Grain filling parameters of two- and six-rowed barley genotypes in terminal drought conditions [1]
      Grain Nutrient Composition of Maize (Zea mays L.) Drought-Tolerant Populations [1]
      Grain properties of new inbred lines in comparison with maize hybrids [1]
      Grain properties of yellow and red kernel maize hybrids from Serbia [1]
      Grain quality and the possibility of ZP maize hybrids utilization [1]
      Grain quality of drought tolerant accessions within the MRI Zemun Polje maize germplasm collection [1]
      Grain quality of maize genotypes [1]
      Grain quality of ZP specialty corn hybrids [1]
      Grain quality within ex situ and in situ conserved traditional white maize landraces [1]
      Grain yield and phenotypic performances of maize inbreds under variable environmental conditions [1]
      Grain yield and water use efficiency of maize as influenced by different irrigation regimes through sprinkler irrigation under temperate climate [1]
      Grain yield and yield components of commercial ZP maize hybrids from different maturity groups [1]
      Grain yield stability parameters of single cross maize hybrids and their reciprocal crosses [1]
      Grain yield, agronomic traits, and protein content of two-and six-row barley genotypes under terminal drought conditions [1]
      Grain yield, yield components and protein content of organic spelt wheat (Triticum speltaL.) grown in different agro-ecological conditions of northern Serbia [1]