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      Combining abilities of silage maize grain yield [1]
      Combining ability of silage maize ear length [1]
      Common millet and soybean intercropping with bio-fertilizer as sustainable practice for managing grain yield and quality [1]
      Comparative biochemical characterization of peroxidases (class III) tightly bound to the maize root cell walls and modulation of the enzyme properties as a result of covalent binding [1]
      Comparative kernel growth and yield components of two- and six-row barley (Hordeum vulgare) under terminal drought simulated by defoliation [1]
      Comparison of AFLP and SSR markers for genetic diversity studies in maize populations [1]
      Comparison of Amaranthus cruentus and Zea mays L. stach characteristics [1]
      Comparison of different methods for identification of maize populations (Yea mays l.) as sources for elite hybrid improvement [1]
      Comparison of different side-dressings on winter wheat yield [1]
      Comparison of methods for determination of the toxigenic potential of Aspergillus parasiticus Sp. and Aspergillus flavus L. isolated from maize [1]
      Comparison of morphological and molecular genetic distances of maize inbreds [1]
      Comparison of responses to drought stress of 100 wheat accessions and landraces to identify opportunities for improving wheat drought resistance [1]
      Comparison of selected maize hybrids for feed production [1]
      Comparison of statistical methods for genetic similarity evaluation of maize inbred lines [1]
      Comparison of two cold test procedures for seed vigour evaluation of maize inbred lines [1]
      Comparisons of phenolic compounds, isoflavones, antioxidant capacity and oxidative enzymes in yellow and black soybeans seed coat and dehulled bean [1]
      Competition: The most common interaction between crops and weeds [1]
      Competitive ability of soybean and proso millet in different intercrop combinations [1]
      Complete Study of Nature and Importance of Spectral Bands Contained in Infrared Spectra of Leaves of Maize Inbred Lines with Significant Breeding Properties [1]
      Components of genetic variability and heritability of grain yield of silage maize [1]