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      Thermodynamic characterisation of wheat seedlings, originating from seeds from different fields [1]
      Thermodynamic characterization of early phytotoxic effects of sulfonylurea herbicides to maize lines [1]
      Thousand-seed weight in the theory and practice [1]
      Tillage and nitrogen effects on winter wheat yield and selected soil physical properties on hypogley of Eastern Croatia [1]
      Tillage regimes and maize yield on chernozem [1]
      Tipovi interakcija u združenom usevu kukuruza i soje [1]
      Tissue culture and agronomic traits relationship in wheat [1]
      Toksigeni potencijal izolata Fusarium poae poreklom sa pšenice [1]
      Tolerantnost ZP linija kukuruza na herbicide [1]
      Top fertilization of maize crop grown in strips with legumes [1]
      Toxicological profile of F-proliferatum isolated from maize seed, root and stalk [1]
      Toxigenic fungal and mycotoxin contamination of maize samples from different districts in Serbia [1]
      Toxigenic potential of Fusarium langsethiae isolates from Serbian wheat kernels [1]
      Toxigenic species Aspergillus parasiticus originating from Maize Kernels grown in Serbia [1]
      Traditional Foods From Maize (Zea mays L.) in Europe [1]
      Trait dispersion of hybrid maize seed under different production conditions [1]
      Traits of new maize inbred lines and hybrids with efficient photosynthetic functions [1]
      Traits of prestigious maize inbred lines relevant for the contemporary production of quality hybrid seed [1]
      Trend analysis in 1000 seed weight testing using a counter [1]
      Trend of tractors development [1]