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      Gajenje kukuruza u monokulturi povećava zakorovljenost divljim sirkom (Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.) [1]
      Gajenje semenskog kukuruza na različitim tipovima zemljišta [1]
      Garlic in organic production and endoparasitic nematode ditylenchus dipsaci [1]
      Gene expression profiling in response to heat and water stress in maize kernel [1]
      Genetčкa varijabilnost profila dijetalnih vlaкana i njihov uticaj na tehnološкi кvalitet brašna durum pšenice [1]
      Genetic analysis of inheritance of maize quantitative traits using diallel and generation mean methods [1]
      Genetic analysis of water loss of excised leaves associated with drought tolerance in wheat [1]
      Genetic and Association Mapping Study of Wheat Agronomic Traits Under Contrasting Water Regimes [1]
      Genetic and biochemical characterization of parental inbred lines in marker assisted selection for quality protein maize [1]
      Genetic and phenotypic correlations among studied traits of different alfalfa cultivars [1]
      Genetic and phenotypic variability of grain mass per spike of winter wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivum L.) [1]
      Genetic assessment of maize landraces from former Yugoslavia [1]
      Genetic characterization of early maturing maize hybrids (Zea mays L.) obtained by protein and RAPD markers [1]
      Genetic characterization of genotypes of Austrian pine (Pinus nigra Arnold) populations using protein markers [1]
      Genetic correlations for more important traits between S1 and HS families in two composites of maize (Zea mays L.) [1]
      Genetic distance in relation with specific combining abilities and heterosis for vegetative traits in maize [1]
      Genetic distance of maize inbred lines based on SSR markers for prediction of heterosis and combining ability [1]
      Genetic distance of maize inbreds for prediction of heterosis and combining ability [1]
      Genetic divergence and its correlation to heterosis in maize as revealed by SSR-based markers [1]
      Genetic divergence of different temporal cycles of selection [1]