Now showing items 1757-1776 of 1996

      Water based free energy as important factor of maize grain filling [1]
      Water-soluble carbohydrates accumulation in peduncle of wheat and its relationship to morpho-anatomical and productive traits [1]
      Weed control ability in sweet maize of single sown legume cover crops compared to their mixtures [1]
      Weed control and grain yield in double-cropped soybean [1]
      Weed control in sweet maize (Zea mays var. succharata) eco-farming [1]
      Weed management practices for redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) and smooth pigweed (A. hybridus L.) control in maize [1]
      Weed suppression and crop productivity by different arrangement patterns of maize [1]
      Weed suppression in maize seed production: Effects of post-emergence herbicides [1]
      Weediness and grain yield of specialty maize hybrids cultivated with the application of ecological fertilisers [1]
      Weediness and productivity of doublecropped soybean as affected by cropping systems [1]
      Weediness of maize in different crop rotation [1]
      Weediness of soybean in different crop rotation [1]
      Wet-milling properties of ZP maize hybrids [1]
      Wheat breeding for low phytic acid content: State and perspectives [1]
      Wheat gluten: Composition and health effects [1]
      Wheat seedlings growth response to water deficiency and how it correlates with adult plant tolerance to drought [1]
      White maize hybrids of the FAO maturity groups 500 and 600 – traits and composition [1]
      Wholegrain flours of differently colored maize kernels as macro- and micronutrient-rich food ingredients [1]
      Yield and biomass quality of the whole plant of four maize hybrids for silage production [1]
      Yield and chemical composition of soybean seed under different irrigation regimes in the Vojvodina region [1]