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      Harvest time effect on quantitative and qualitative parameters of forage maize [1]
      Heat processing of soybean kernel and its effect on lysine availability and protein solubility [1]
      Hektolitarska masa žita u semenarskoj literaturi Srbije [1]
      Hemijska kompozicija kao parametar kvaliteta ZP sorti soje i pšenice [1]
      Hemijski sastav biomase prosa i soje gajenih u sistemu kombinovanih useva [1]
      Hemijski sastav i kvalitet semena ZP hibrida kukuruza specifičnih svojstava [1]
      Hemijski sastav zrna genotipova kukuruza zubana, kokičara i šećerca [1]
      Herbicides impact on content of phenolic compounds in sweet maize [1]
      Heritability and variance components of grain morphometric traits of bread wheat and durum wheat [1]
      Heritability, genetic advance and correlations of plant height, spike length and productive tillering in bread wheat and durum wheat [1]
      Heritabilnost i komponente varijanse morfometrijskih osobina zrna hlebne pšenice i durum pšenice [1]
      Heritabilnost, genetička dobit i korelacije visine biljke, dužine klasa i produktivnog bokorenja hlebne i durum pšenice [1]
      Hibridi kukuruza specifičnih svojstava za industrijsku preradu [1]
      High grain quality accessions within a maize drought tolerant core collection [1]
      High quality seed as the ultimate goal [1]
      High value of feed and food and new technological maize- and soybean-based products [1]
      High-yielding and chemically enriched maize hybrids bred in Serbia - the best basis for super quality feed and food [1]
      History and development trend of production tractors in Serbia [1]
      How Irrigation Water Affects the Yield and Nutritional Quality of Maize (Zea mays L.) in a Temperate Climate [1]
      How to eliminate obstacles of IWM implementation into cropping systems in South East Europe [1]