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      Can the sprouting process applied to wheat improve the contents of vitamins and phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of the flour? [1]
      Cell wall-associated malate dehydrogenase activity from maize roots [1]
      Celokupna semenska proizvodnja ZP hibrida u rukama instituta [1]
      Cereal grain with low acrylamide formation potential as a raw material for safer cereal-based food products in Serbia [1]
      Cereal test weight data in domestic breeders literature [1]
      Cerealije - proizvodnja, svojstva i organska hrana [1]
      Cereals: Production, properties and organic food [1]
      Changes in contents of proteins, antinutritive substances and fatty acids in soya bean grain and full-fat meal under storage conditions [1]
      Changes in gene expression in maize kernel in response to water and salt stress [1]
      Changes in grain carbohidrate composition of the sweet corn [1]
      Changes of antioxidants in maize seeds during their accelerated ageing [1]
      Changes of carbohydrate composition of sweet maize (Zea mays L. Saccharata) grain during endosperm development [1]
      Characterisation and evaluation towards selection of maize landraces with the best per se performances [1]
      Characterisation of oat bran products with and without supercritical carbon dioxide extraction [1]
      Characterization and classification of Serbian honey based on their carbohydrate content [1]
      Characterization methods and fingerprinting of agronomical important crop species [1]
      Characterization of chemical and bioactive properties of the grain of new inbred maize lines [1]
      Characterization of maize inbred lines based on molecular markers, heterosis and pedigree data [1]
      Characterization of Maize lines differing in leaf abscisic acid content in the field. 1 abscisic acid physiology [1]
      Characterization of Proteins from Grain of Different Bread and Durum Wheat Genotypes [1]