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Suzbijanje korova u semenskoj proizvodnji kukuruza - efekti primene herbicida u toku vegetacije

dc.creatorStefanović, Lidija
dc.creatorSimić, Milena
dc.description.abstractWidespread distribution of weeds in seed maize crops has resulted in frequent application of postemergence herbicides. Herbicides used in hybrid crops are also used in maize seed production, including sulphonylurea herbicides and other new compounds for suppression of annual and perennial weeds. Due to differences in susceptibility of maize inbred lines, none of these herbicides has been approved for maize hybrid seed production. On the other hand, due to an increase in weed infestation, they are used in practice. Faster or slower growth of crops and weeds, as well as herbicide uptake, generally depend on meteorological conditions (temperatures and precipitation sums). As knowledge of the different responses of maize inbred lines to herbicides is important to maize breeders, seed producers and weed scientists, we have investigated the effects of new herbicides on maize inbreds over a number of years. Over the 2004-2007 period, the response of maize inbred lines to post-emergence herbicides of recently produced groups was monitored at Zemun Polje. A total of 40 PL and KL inbreds were studied. The inbred PL 38 stands out as the most susceptible inbred. Such studies are important for making recommendations on possible application of new herbicides for specific hybrid combinations.en
dc.description.abstractSuzbijanje korova primenom herbicida je važna komponenta u tehnološkom postupku proizvodnje semena hibridnog kukuruza. Primenjuju se uglavnom iste kombinacije herbicida kao i u hibridnom usevu. Međutim, specifični agroekološki uslovi u semenskim usevima dovode do niza problema. Među njima su najvažniji osetljivost samooplodnih linija kukuruza na prisustvo korova i reakcija na delovanje herbicida. Kako je primena herbicida u semenskim usevima neophodna, u radu se, na osnovu rezultata višegodišnjih ispitivanja, daje analiza problema sa kojima se srećemo pri primeni herbicida u toku vegetacije u semenskim usevima kukuruza. Takođe je u periodu 2004-2007. godine, u uslovima Zemun Polja, ispitivana reakcija samooplodnih linija kukuruza u odnosu na herbicide novijih grupa namenjenih za primenu u toku
dc.publisherHerbološko društvo Srbije
dc.sourceActa herbologica
dc.subjectpost-emergence herbicidesen
dc.subjectmaize seed productionen
dc.subjectprimena herbicida u toku vegetacijesr
dc.subjectsemenska proizvodnjasr
dc.titleWeed suppression in maize seed production: Effects of post-emergence herbicidesen
dc.titleSuzbijanje korova u semenskoj proizvodnji kukuruza - efekti primene herbicida u toku vegetacijesr
dc.citation.other17(2): 57-65

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